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coconut + lavender + tea trea oil

50 g

Heal and soothe irritated bottoms with our 100% natural diaper rash balm. 

After changing literally hundreds of diapers, I began to long for a better diaper rash cream &mdash one that left me and my little ones feeling and smelling like I hadn’t just changed a dirty diaper. So I made my own. 

Énamour diaper rash balm is made from a base of natural coconut oil, infused with the healing properties of neem oil, soothing lavender oil and a touch of antibacterial tea tree oil. Use it generously to soothe red bottoms after a diaper change. And yes, our diaper rash balm is compatible with cloth diapers. 

We’ve created much more than a treatment for diaper rash -- it’s an all-purpose antibacterial and antifungal balm that soothes all life’s irritations. We’ve found it particularly useful for healing everyday adult irritations, such as athlete's foot and candida. 

Appliquez doucement une petite quantité sur une peau propre. Pour usage externe seulement.

Coconut oil*, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, seed oil*, green tea leaf extract, vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract*, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil*, tea tree leaf oil. *From organic farming.

+ 100% naturel et végane 
+ Sans colorant 
+ Sans parfum artificiel 
+ Sans paraben 
+ Sans test sur les animaux 
+ 2% pour la planète 

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